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How do I manually update a Construct license?

Sometimes your machine running Construct won’t be connected to the internet. In order to bypass the built in feature of confirming the Construct server for a license, you can manually license your software once, and it will last for the length of the lifetime of the software subscription period.

The following steps will alter the license’s configuration to frequently check for license confirmation. There are many steps, and they can get complicated quickly. Remember, we have a staff of analysts who can step in to support you. Just give us a call.

Access the drop-down help menu. Go to Help > License and Register. Hold down the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT buttons and you’ll see the option for ‘Force License Check’ change to ‘Manual License.’ Continue to hold the key combination and select the manual license option.

Force License Check

Manual License Check

You’ll have your standard registration page come up with your information, enter your serial number here. The next window that pops up is a Manual License Request page with an option to Copy or Save the file. You can either ‘Copy Request to Clipboard’ and paste in notepad and save as ‘License Request.txt’ (name itself doesn’t matter, but naming conventions make it simpler) then hit Continue, or you can also use the ‘Sale Request to File’ where it will automatically save to a License Request file. Once this is done hit Continue.

Manual License Request Box

Save Request to File

The next window will instruct you to transfer that License Request file to a computer that can access the internet, typically by USB. Do not close Construct on the computer without internet while you do the next few steps.

License Transfer Box

You’ll then go to and paste in the License Request data in the provided space. If you chose to ‘Copy Request to Keyboard,’ simply open the file, copy everything and paste in the browser section. If you chose to ‘Save Request to File,’ open the file, copy everything from ‘~!!!’ on (just dropping the web address) and paste. Then select ‘Submit License Request.’

You’ll see new data pop up and you’ll copy and save it to a file called ‘License Response’ as a text file. I just pasted this over the License Request notepad data, and Saved As License Response. Transfer this back via USB to the computer without Internet.

You should now have the option to Copy or Load the response, though since we’re not on the same computer, the Copy from Clipboard will not work. Select the ‘Load Response from File’ and navigate to you ‘License Reponse.txt’ file.

You’ll see this as your last window and you should be good to go! Now instead of checking for license validation daily, you shouldn’t have to worry about it until your renewal date.

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