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How do I upgrade from Construct version 4.3 to 5.0?

Before upgrading it is strongly recommended you first read about the functional differences between Construct 4.3 and 5.0 – since many of these changes may affect your current work.

If you also use Predict, update to the newest version it – Help > Update after it has updated close and then launch the program to ensure it has run.

Make a safe back-up – Open your current copy of Construct and go to File > Database > Backup. Name and save a Construct Backup file (this will contain all your job and data connection information)

Check the bit-ness of your computer – Search Apps & Features next to your start menu icon. Scroll through until you see your Construct program. If you see an entry that says “Construct”, you have the 32-bit version; If says “Construct x64”, you have the 64-bit version.

Contact Rapid Insight Support to retrieve the installation link necessary to install version 5.0.

Copy and unlock your current license –

  • Open Construct and go to Help > License & Register
  • Copy the serial # (you’ll enter this same number to license Construct v5.0)
  • Click the Uninstall License button Click the Unlock button (once done, this copy of Construct will be disabled)

Uninstall Construct – 

  • Open Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPrograms and Features
  • If there’s an entry labeled “Construct”; right-click and uninstall it

Install Construct 5.0 –

  • Use the link given to your by Rapid Insight Support and download the newest version of Construct
  • Apply your original serial number when asked to license this copy of Construct


Remember that our staff of Analysts are available to help you through this process if things begin to get complicated or you are met with issues that are not covered in the steps described above.

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