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Using mapped drives in Construct

Desktop application versions of Construct can access and connect to the current user’s mapped drives. Versions of Construct that run as a Windows Service (such as Construct with Scheduling and Construct Enterprise) may require an additional step to access the drives.

Enterprise users can list mapped drives as available folders for the client on the server through the Veera Construct Enterprise Manager in the Server Folders tab. Alternately, users may set up a custom configuration file named “EntServer.config” and place it in the folder C:\ProgramData\Rapid Insight Inc\Veera Construct\Configuration in order for mapped locations to be accessible. If this file is not created then the entire system is readable, however once the custom configuration is defined, all desired folders will need to be added to the entry in order to remain available. 

More information about the custom EntServer.config file entry can be found at C:\Program Files\Rapid Insight Inc\Veera Construct Enterprise\VeeraConstructEnterpriseServer64.exe.config on the machine that is hosting the enterprise server.

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