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Using the tnsnames.ora file to establish an Oracle database connection

Rapid Insight software looks for an Oracle configuration file when attempting to establish data connections to Oracle databases. This “tnsnames.ora” file often resides with other Oracle files you may have on your PC – but not always.

To insure that this file is found, a TNS_ADMIN environment system variable should be set up to point to where the tnsnames.ora file resides. Confirm this is in place by going to Control Panel > System Properties > Environment Variables and browse the System Variables list.


If a TNS_ADMIN entry is not present under User Variables, create one by selecting “new” under System Variables.


Title your variable name TNS_ADMIN and then select, browse files to browse to the location of your tnsnames.ora file – this will create a file path for the Variable Value. Select OK, and then OK again to save your changes.

Lastly, restart the Construct application for these setting to take effect.

NOTE: Construct Pro and Construct Enterprise users will have to restart the service as an additional step. Click here for instructions.

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