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 Company News > Bunker Hill Community College to Present Alongside Rapid Insight at Achieving the Dream Conference

Bunker Hill Community College to Present Alongside Rapid Insight at Achieving the Dream Conference

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Bunker Hill Community College Data Blog

Bunker Hill Community College, an Achieving the Dream “Leader College”, utilizes Rapid Insight Predictive Analytics Software to enhance student success

1024px-Bunker_Hill_Community_College_logo.svgConway, NH – Rapid Insight, the leading provider of easy to use predictive analytics and data blending software, will be collaborating on a presentation with Bunker Hill Community College on February 24th, at the Achieving the Dream Conference.

Achieving the Dream is an organization dedicated to the success of community college students. Each year they hold an annual DREAM Institute for Student Success conference, with the purpose of bringing together those who are equally committed to creating and developing on student success strategies.

The work Bunker Hill Community College has done has a paved the way for a bright future for community colleges and predictive analytics.

“We are excited to be supporting Bunker Hill in their efforts to become more data-driven,” remarked Paul Kirsch of Rapid Insight. “As more two year institutions look to get involved with predictive modeling, they will turn to leader colleges like Bunker Hill to learn from their innovations.”

“More and more, especially with decreasing state funding for higher education, we need to be able to talk about return on investment or return on resources. Using our data to identify the strongest strategies for supporting our students will allow us to support and ensure student success. That was the main reason that we looked at Rapid Insight as a predictive modeling solution and we are happy to be able to share this insight at the conference this February,” shared Karalynn Gau, Director of Research Strategy and Applied Analytics, Office of Institutional Effectiveness at BHCC.

Gau will be presenting at the conference alongside colleague, David Leavitt, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness at BHCC and Data Analyst, Jon MacMillan of Rapid Insight. The presentation will take place on February 24th at 3:15pm at the DREAM conference. You can find BHCC and Rapid Insight at booth 402. If you are unable to attend the presentation, it will also be shown as a webinar on April 5th. To learn more about Bunker Hill’s success, go to

About Rapid Insight Inc.
Rapid Insight Inc. is a leading provider of predictive analytics software and solutions that provides organizations with the ability to make data-driven decisions. Focusing on speed, efficiency, and usability, Rapid Insight products enable users of any skill level to quickly turn their raw data into actionable information. The company’s analytic software platform simplifies the extraction, analysis, reporting, and modeling of data for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit:

About Bunker Hill Community College
Bunker Hill Community College is a multi-campus institution with vibrant, urban campuses in Boston, Massachusetts, in nearby Chelsea, Massachusetts, and at three satellite locations in the Greater Boston area. As a Leader College in Achieving the Dream, BHCC is part of the Massachusetts public higher education system, which includes 15 community colleges. Founded in 1973, BHCC is the largest community college in Massachusetts, serving more than 14,000 students each semester across all modes of instruction. The College offers more than 100 certificate and degree programs that prepare students to enter four-year institutions or to enter the workforce prepared for better and more highly skilled jobs. Sixty-four percent of students are people of color and more than 50 percent are women.

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