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 Company News > Rapid Insight Announces QuickStart Analytic Solution for Community Colleges

Rapid Insight Announces QuickStart Analytic Solution for Community Colleges

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Rapid Insight Community College Quickstart

Solution Provides On-Demand, Real Time Metrics to Community College Administration and Faculty

Conway, NH   March 25, 2014 – Rapid Insight Inc., the leading provider of easy to use predictive analytics and data intelligence software, today announced the launch of an analytic solution specifically aimed at enabling data driven decision making at community colleges.

“Rapid Insight allows our senior management to take the daily pulse of the entire community college system,” said Dr. Ross Gittell, Chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire.


Compare Credits Sold this year vs. last year

The solution, which runs against Banner by Ellucian, provides real time institutional metrics for use at every level of a Community College system, from presidents and trustees to faculty and staff.  Analytic dashboards are delivered automatically to stakeholders via PC, tablet or smartphone. Key performance indicators include enrollment YTD compared to previous YTD, credit hours sold, program specific metrics and more. The dashboards and analyses can also be customized based on the specific needs of a college. In addition to the out of the box analytics, the solution enables users to run ad hoc analyses, build predictive models, and create unlimited reports.

“The Rapid Insight dashboards are used by so many of the departments within the college. They really help us stay on track, answering important questions like, ’are we doing better than we did last year?’” noted Dr. Susan Huard, President of Manchester Community College.


The dashboard components are fully customizable. This graph identifies the percentage of students enrolled full time.

The QuickStart dashboards are built utilizing Rapid Insight tools, which are designed to connect and integrate data from any source, including student information systems like Banner by Ellucian, spreadsheets, text files, as well as external sources such as the National Student Clearinghouse.

“The Rapid Insight dashboards are the first thing that I look at each morning. The information allows me to begin the day knowing where we are as an institution in terms of enrollment data and other critical information about programming,” remarked Dr. Alicia Harvey-Smith, President of River Valley Community College.

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