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Rapid Insight Launches Free “Classroom Edition”

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Software provider makes its intuitive data analytics platform available as an instructional tool at no cost to teachers and students

CONWAY, NH — Rapid Insight announced a free, full-featured version of its data analytics software for use by instructors and students. Called the “Classroom Edition,” applications for the free licenses are available on Rapid Insight’s website. Rapid Insight launched the Classroom Edition to meet a need for instructors across the world: a powerful, cost-free instructional tool for practical, hands-on data education. The free licenses are available for instructors with classes of any size, for both in-person and digital instruction. 

The software’s intuitive interface makes it a perfect educational tool. Users build “data jobs” using a visual workflow, with nodes named for the operations they perform. This enables instructors to build a demo job or predictive model with ease. Students can follow along or build jobs and models of their own using the included sample data sets. Hands-on experience with data preparation and predictive modeling is invaluable, and Rapid Insight makes that experience accessible to students and instructors.

Rapid Insight previously made free licenses available to instructors on a per-request basis. Amid the rapidly changing educational environment, the company recognized an urgent need to publicize this initiative and increased its outreach efforts about the free classroom licenses

“The Construct and Predict tools allow my students to gain hands-on experience in ETL, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics,” said John Whitehouse, Adjunct Instructor at Elizabethtown College. “Construct and Predict are intuitive and easy to use; so valuable class time is not wasted on learning how to use these tools. Rapid Insight’s commitment to customer success and its product is the best I have ever encountered. They will patiently walk you through issues, answer questions, and ensure your success.”

Speaking about the need for the Classroom Edition, Rapid Insight Founder and President Mike Laracy said, “Instructors tell us they need a free, easy-to-teach tool for their students to use when learning the practical side of data science. We’re happy to provide our software not just to institutions who are customers, but to any instructor who needs it.”

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