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Company News > Rapid Insight Launches “Veera Bridge,” a Platform to Democratize Data and Decentralize Analytics

Rapid Insight Launches “Veera Bridge,” a Platform to Democratize Data and Decentralize Analytics

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With a goal of making data more accessible to everyone, the new cloud-based analytic platform helps organizations build data-driven cultures

CONWAY, NEW HAMPSHIRE – April 4, 2018 – Rapid Insight today announced the launch of a cloud-based collaboration and data exploration platform, Veera Bridge. An innovative and shockingly easy-to-use technology, Veera Bridge powers data-driven decision-making across the enterprise. While offering easy access to traditional reports and information, the real power of Veera Bridge is its ability to inspire curiosity and investigation.

If data access and analysis is contained within a few silos in an organization, that organization’s ability to make sound, informed decisions, is severely limited. A truly data-driven culture is born when everyone, at every level, is empowered with access to data and a simple way to turn that data into actionable information.

“The days of traditional data access and information sharing are over,” says Rapid Insight Founder and CEO Mike Laracy. “Successful organizations are evolving towards the democratization of data and the decentralization of data analysis. Veera Bridge is the connector from the analyst to the wider team. Armed with this technology, anyone, in any department, with any skill level, can get inspired by data, and use it to drive decisions.”

Coupled with the Veera Bridge product launch, Rapid Insight announced today that they have rebranded their entire platform and aligned their products under the “Veera” umbrella. The Veera platform presents users with affordable, powerful analytic tools to access and gain insights from data easier than ever before.

  • Veera Construct is used for self-service data preparation, analysis and reporting.
  • Veera Predict automates the process of building predictive models.
  • Veera Bridge pushes data and data-driven insights out across entire organizations.

Rapid Insight is an analytics solutions company driven by the goal of making data, along with the knowledge locked within data, more accessible to everyone. Focusing on speed, efficiency, and ease of use, Rapid Insight’s products empower users of any skill level to quickly turn raw data into actionable information. The company’s analytic platform simplifies the extraction, analysis, reporting, and modeling of data for clients across multiple industries. For more information, visit

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