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 Company News > Rapid Insight To Host Panel Discussion on Graduate Admissions: Lessons Learned for Fall 2021

Rapid Insight To Host Panel Discussion on Graduate Admissions: Lessons Learned for Fall 2021

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Graduate Admissions Panel Hosted by Rapid Insight

Conway, NH – On December 17th, Rapid Insight will host a free virtual panel discussion that will bring together three professionals for a conversation on recent trends in Graduate Admissions. The webinar, titled “Lessons Learned for Fall 2021,” will focus on the ways that COVID-19 has changed Graduate Admissions, resulting trends in enrollment, and the increased importance of data in a rapidly changing admissions environment.

The panel discussion will feature three speakers:

Earl Sires of Rapid Insight will moderate the panel discussion.

The webinar is free to attend and features questions about the lessons graduate admissions professionals learned in the Spring and Summer, the increased demand for data in Admissions, and changes in operations and strategy. It will also feature audience Q&A.

“The perspectives that this panel features will be of great help to enrollment professionals planning for the Fall 2021 semester,” said Mike Laracy, Founder and President of Rapid Insight. “One of the best ways to plan for the future is to look to the past, and the experts featured in this panel can each offer a unique perspective on how they’re using what they gathered through their experiences this year to prepare for the coming term.”

As graduate enrollment professionals grapple with changes brought about by COVID-19 and the challenges that predate the pandemic, it’s a critical time to evaluate trends and refine strategies. While some graduate programs saw a major increase in enrollment this year, other program types suffered. Gaining an understanding of these trends and how admissions professionals are strategizing for the future will be of great benefit to graduate and undergraduate enrollment officers alike.

About Rapid Insight:

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