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 Company News > Rapid Insight To Host Panel Discussion on the Impact of COVID-19 on Fundraising and Advancement

Rapid Insight To Host Panel Discussion on the Impact of COVID-19 on Fundraising and Advancement

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Optimize Your Fundraising Efforts With Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Conway, NH – On October 27th, Rapid Insight will host a virtual panel discussion about the impact of COVID-19 on fundraising and advancement strategies. The webinar, titled “How Has Fundraising Changed in the Era of COVID-19,” will center on the new fundraising strategy landscape and how Development, Advancement, and Philanthropy professionals adjusted their methods to meet their goals.

The panel discussion will feature three speakers with industrially-diverse experience:

  • David Hargadon of The Helen Brown Group
  • Deepti Pradhan of Yale University
  • Richard Horne of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Earl Sires of Rapid Insight will moderate the panel discussion.

The webinar is free to attend and features questions about what changed (and what didn’t) in the world of fundraising due to the pandemic, how the holiday fundraising season might be impacted this year, and whether predictive modeling is still a viable fundraising tool amid unprecedented events. It will also feature an opportunity for attendees to ask the panel questions.

“We’re thrilled to host a webinar that brings such a breadth of fundraising experience and knowledge into one presentation,” said Mike Laracy, Founder and President of Rapid Insight. “This panel features something for fundraisers in any industry. It will offer inspiration and encouragement for those who need it, fresh ideas for those looking to make a strategic change, and information about how advanced analytics can improve any fundraising program.”

Many traditional fundraising tools, such as live events or in-person meetings, are not possible in the foreseeable future. Fundraisers must find new ways to meet their goals using fresh tactics and techniques, but many tried-and-true practices and procedures still apply. This webinar offers attendees the opportunity to hear from experts in the field and make better-informed decisions about which strategies to invest in going forward.

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