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Using Technology for Student Success Ball State University

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Rapid Insight customer, Ball State University, was recently featured in an article in the Star Press newspaper in Muncie, Indiana. ┬áThe article is titled Tracking Students’ Digital Footprint at Ball State

In the article, they discuss ongoing campus initiatives that are in process to keep students engaged.

“We know from national research that if students are engaged they are more likely to graduate on time,” said Kay Bales, Ball State’s Vice President of Student Affairs and someone directly involved in the Rapid Insight rollout.

Rapid Insight software is at the core of the campus initiatives to help identify students and work with them before they are in danger of dropping out or leaving the school.

Speed was mentioned as an important factor when reaching at-risk students and having the right software tools makes that easier. Now Ball State is able to work with current students and not just identify risks in the future. Ball State is using this data along with their retention graduation specialists to continue to make student success a reality.

Read the entire article here.

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