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Veera Construct: Tips and Tricks

In this on-demand video, we share some of our favorite Veera Construct tips and tricks. Our support analysts each share their favorite shortcut or little-known trick that helps make their work easier and faster. Tune in to hear from our support analysts and learn something new.

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Is This A Good Model?

As we know, building a model in Veera Predict is incredibly easy. Interpreting the results and confirming that the model is accurately predicting the outcome is a whole other thing. In this on-demand video, we dive into the actual model diagnostics and discuss not only what these different validation statistics are, but how we can use them to help identify goodness of fit.

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Insights Into Leveraging Technology to Support Student Success

In a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article highlighting Georgia State University’s continued achievements related to student success, Senior Vice President for Student Success Timothy Renick explains not only how they find the right vendors, but also the particular utilities that those vendors provide to better serve their students.

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Building a Data-Focused Campus Culture

Watch this on-demand video to learn some of the keys to building a data-focused culture on your campus. Featuring the Chief Operating Officer from the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH), Charles Ansell, will be talking about his institution’s ambitious new goal that 65 percent of adults in the state have a credential of educational and economic value by the year 2025, and how data-driven decision making is central to this “65 By 25” initiative.

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Data Driven Enrollment Management

From recruitment to admissions to enrollment, predictive analytics can help your school target outreach to the students that are most likely to attend. In this on-demand video we review the concepts of predictive analytics and share insights on how you can leverage past data to inform the future. In doing so, you’ll keep your admissions and enrollment team on track to achieve your enrollment objectives while still upholding your admission standards.

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Fueling Innovative Decision Making with a Data-Driven Campus

In this on-demand video, we discuss some best practices for reporting and strategies for easily preparing and sharing information across the institution. The presentation also includes a demonstration of Veera Bridge, the collaboration and data exploration platform from Rapid Insight, which allows anyone, with any skill set, to make data-informed decisions.

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Ignite a Data-Driven Culture with Veera

In this on-demand video, Analyst Alexander Ziko will demonstrate how decentralizing analytics can inspire people across your organization to get curious, dig deeper, solve problems, and explore data faster and easier than ever before. The on-demand video will include a demonstration of all three parts of the platform: Veera Construct, Veera Predict and Veera Bridge.

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Decentralize analytics.
Harness the power of many.

Create and share reports and datasets across the enterprise, and put analytical power in the hands of everyone. Veera creates a truly data-driven culture. Try it for yourself today.



Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.