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Impacting Enrollment with Competitor Analysis

You’ve enrolled 50% of the applicants that you admitted. That’s great, but what happened to the other 50%? Where did they go and why did they go there? In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important to know which schools you are losing students to and why...

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Using Predictive Analytics to Shape Your Class

With predictive analytics, you can go well beyond predicting headcount for your incoming class. From your admitted applicant pool you can also use it to predict things like: • Class Quality (expected mean SAT/ACT scores, avg HS Percentile…) • Diversity Measures...

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Data Driven Enrollment Management Using Predictive Modeling

With fewer applicants applying to more schools, it’s a good time to take a data-driven approach to managing enrollment. In this video we’ll discuss how predictive modeling can be used to help schools meet enrollment objectives while upholding admission standards....

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Building Predictive Models Using Analytics 3.0

September 29, 2015 In this video Rapid Insight Statistical Analyst James Cousins will walk attendees through the steps needed to develop a predictive model using the new version of Veera Predict 3.0. This video is intended to introduce new users of v3.0 and...

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Optimizing your Recruiting efforts with Predictive Modeling

In today’s competitive market, recruiting the right students cost effectively has become more important than ever. In this webinar we will explore the strategies around using predictive modeling to identify the characteristics of your most promising recruits and how...

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Predictive Modeling Supports Human Capital Management

June 17, 2015 Employees represent a large portion of any institution’s asset base. Their skills, reputations, contributions, and responsibilities are part of an intricate operating system that enables the institution to meet its mission. Managing this asset...

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Rapid Insight QuickStart for PeopleSoft

Leverage your PeopleSoft Data for Better Decision Making Jump-start your predictive modeling projects by using a Rapid Insight template designed to work directly with PeopleSoft. There are two ve templates are focused on addressing different parts of the Student...

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Decentralize analytics.
Harness the power of many.

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.