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Rapid Insight’s Data Sharing Solution Bridge

Visualize, Interpret, and Democratize Your Data

product features Why Choose Bridge?

Rebranded Bridge Tablet


Creating visually appealing, easily understood reports and dashboards is typically time-consuming and requires design skills.

Bridge's clean, user-friendly interface enables quick data visualization through attractive auto-generated reports and dashboards.

• An intuitive drag and drop interface allows users to produce a multitude of interactive cross tab reports

• Add and remove variables to see the relationships among data points

• Easily generate bar graphs, line graphs, charts, and reports to see trends and patterns in your data



Data can be difficult to keep refreshed in programs like Excel, and it can be confusing for end users to access .

With Bridge, anyone can access the exact information they need within minutes.

• Data is updated live, so results and predictions are always accurate

• Drill-down enables deep exploration of data

• Integrates with Construct and Predict for sharing datasets and dashboards

Collaborate with Data


In many organizations data reporting standards vary by department, causing silos of access and understanding.

With Bridge, users throughout the organization can gain equal, instant access to up-to-the-minute reports through the cloud.

• Reports and dashboards are viewable through web browsers on a range of screens like tablets, computers, and mobile phones

• Designated organizational managers can curate content, manage access, and decide how other each user can interact with data

• Minimal training is required and in-product help guides users through the process of building their own dashboards

Customer Testimonial

“Bridge allows us to democratize data access through its ready and helpful interface. It enables anyone to use data to know if they’re being successful at the things that they care about.”

Charles Ansell
Chief Operating Officer
Community College System of New Hampshire

get answers now Frequently Asked Questions

  • Data is stored locally, on your organization’s premises. Visualizations, reports, and dashboards on Bridge are shared over the Cloud.

  • Each user of Bridge creates and saves their own reports, so each user sees the exact information they need to see in the format they like to see it, refreshed as often as they want.

  • It typically takes around 5 minutes to show a new user how to create reports. The user interface is extremely intuitive.

  • Our highly-trained data analysts are on call during regular business hours to help with your data needs! If you get stuck or need additional training, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll step in with free, unlimited training and support that comes along with your license.

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