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Rapid Insight’s Data Prep Solution Construct

Combine, prepare, and explore your data

product features Why Choose Construct?

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Organizations often store data in disparate locations and in different formats across multiple departments.

Construct makes it possible to effortlessly combine and organize your data.

• Integrate data in any format from virtually any source, including Excel, Access, SQL, SAS, SPSS, MySQL, and more.

• Interface with data stored in PeopleSoft, Blackboard, Salesforce, and more

• Source data is never altered during the preparation process, and hardware requirements are minimal



Most organizations have a highly-trained person or department who understands and works with their data, but that knowledge isn't readily available to the rest of the team.

Construct enables users of any level to build step-by-step analytic processes.

• The intuitive drag-and-drop process builder is easy to learn and enjoyable to use

• Coding is not required, but advanced users can use programming skills for enhanced functionality

• Installation is quick and easy, and minimal training is necessary

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With legacy tools, reports can be tedious to compile on an as-needed basis, and the process to pull the report is often forgotten the next time a report is needed.

Construct boosts workload efficiency and enables easy reporting and data-sharing.

• Output to new data files, database tables, or data-sharing systems like Tableau or Bridge

• Create detailed reports and dashboards with several visualization options

• Our scheduler add-on runs as a service for job-scheduling and automation, and our server add-on allows teams to collaborate on shared jobs

Customer Testimonial

“We went from the stone age to the space age within a matter of days with Construct.”

Matt Rehbein, Lipscomb University
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get answers now Frequently Asked Questions

  • Because Construct is installed on-premises, Rapid Insight never receives institutional data from the customer. All customer datasets are stored locally, not on a Rapid Insight server.

  • No! Our easy drag-and-drop interface makes it possible for users of any skill level to use Construct for data prep. Users who wish to use scripts and code are able to take Construct a step further, but no coding is required!

  • Our highly-trained data analysts are on call during regular business hours to help with your data needs! If you get stuck or need additional training, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll step in with free, unlimited training and support that comes along with your license.

  • Construct allows you to output data to local or network drives in a wide variety of formats, other systems and databases, and some cloud locations.

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