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Rapid Insight’s Predictive Analytics Solution Predict

Anticipate, analyze, and investigate with predictive modeling

product features Why Choose Predict?

Crystal Ball Predict Future


Without a predictive model, you can analyze your past, but you can't accurately forecast which trends will continue into the future.

Predict makes it possible for users of any skill level to apply the power of predictive analytics to virtually any business challenge, then apply insights for the biggest ROI.

• Pick from lists of automatically-identified variables: no coding or programming required

• The typical new user requires less than two hours of training

• In-product help guides users through the process

Predict on Laptop


It can be difficult to decide which variables to include to build a strong predictive model, and without the right tools there's no easy way of ensuring that datasets are healthy and clean.

Predict simplifies and automates the process of building a model, and provides insight into the health of your data.

• Take a diagnostic snapshot of your data at any time, measuring quality and patterns among variables for better model-building.

• Automatically mine your data, identifying variables with (and without) predictive qualities to build durable models.

• Build a predictive model in just minutes instead of months

Investigate Predictive Models


Proprietary ("black box") models and consultants give you no direct insight on the inner workings of the model itself.

With Predict, maintain a lens into the model-building process, from its ingredients to its algorithm. Your results are always defendable.

• Use drill-down features to see all methods and calculations used.

• Directly examine the algorithm and see how each variable contributed to the model

• Modify and adjust the model as needed to suit your needs and produce actionable results

Customer Testimonial

“The proof is in the pudding. You do it your way and I’ll do it with Rapid Insight. At the end of the day you’ll still be working like crazy for a mediocre answer, and I’ll be on a mountain bike.”

Dr. Michael Johnson
Data Scientist Decision Support
St. Charles Health System

get answers now Frequently Asked Questions

  • Models are entirely owned by the customer.

  • As many as you’d like – there is no limit to the amount of information you use in Predict.

  • Once you are familiar with the process, it only takes a few minutes to build a new predictive model.

  • No. Predict takes the work out of building a predictive model; the easy-to-use interface makes it possible for anyone to build a model. Advanced users can make detailed adjustments and directly examine the algorithm, but no advanced understanding of math is required.

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