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Point in Time Reporting

Part of the Veera Deep Dive Webinar Series

Whether you are looking to report on student enrollment, sales, or patient readmissions most often we are comparing these figures to the same point in time in previous years. However, being able to accurately identify those points in time can be a struggle. In this on-demand video, we’ll walk through an example of how we can use Veera Construct to automate this process. The example simulates working with a student information system to pull daily activity records for the same point in time for the past five years to look at and report on enrollment trends.

Keywords: Transform, Function, Date & Time Calculations, Merging, Reporting/Dashboarding, Student Enrollment

Product: Veera Construct, Veera Bridge

James Cousins
Senior Statistical Analyst
Rapid Insight

Jon MacMillan
Senior Data Analyst
Rapid Insight

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