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Predictive Analytics Tutorial: How Industries Succeed

What is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics is a process that utilizes past data to calculate future outcomes. Various forms of data, both new and historical, make up the predictive variables. The variables can be any form of data that can be measured or analyzed to predict behaviors, trends or statistical outcomes.

In this predictive analytics tutorial, learn how fundraising, higher education, manufacturing, healthcare, and virtually every other type of business benefits from predictive analytics. Get a better understanding of how to create your own predictive models and ways that the Veera platform offers easy solutions.

Predictive Analytics for Higher Ed

Are your institution’s enrollment numbers down? Are attrition rates growing? How is your college or university improving retention totals? Predictive analytics leverages data from within your own institution. In this higher education section of the predictive analytics tutorial, learn how institutions are using data to improve overall student success.

Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Higher Education

In this on-demand video, Rapid Insight analyst, Alexander Ziko, gives an overview of the opportunities of using data and predictive analytics to improve student success, enrollment rates, and reporting efforts on your campus.

Bellarmine University: Incorporate Predictive Analytics for Student Success

Drew Thiemann, the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, discusses how they use predictive modeling software in innovative ways to connect the IR department with the Student Success Center. Learn how they focus outreach efforts on those students who need it the most.

Five Critical Factors for Enrollment Modeling

For almost every institution of higher education, data comes from some kind of information system. There are at least five critical characteristics of your various information systems that will directly impact both the way you move through analyses and your potential impact with those analyses. Learn how these critical factors relate to your success, ways to assess your own information systems, and how to move to embrace those systems for your enrollment modeling needs.

Five Critical Factors for Retention Modeling

In higher education, there are two main focuses when it comes to predictive modeling: enrollment and retention. Learn which five critical factors relate to your student success capabilities, ways to assess your own information systems, and how to embrace those systems for your retention modeling needs.

Predictive Analytics for Fundraising

How can you target the right donors for your organization? What are the strategies that successful organizations use for effective outreach? In this fundraising portion of our predictive analytics tutorial, learn fundraising strategies, improve giving approaches, and ease donation stressors.

Optimize Year-End Campaigns with Predictive Analytics

Non-profits know that the year-end is a critical time. Constraints on resources, coupled with pressure to perform, can make year-end a stressful time for any organization. In this video, learn how to improve data-driven decision-making processes.

Empower Fundraisers with Predictive Analytics

In this webinar, Richard Horne, Director of Prospect Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), shares his experiences implementing predictive analytics. Learn how to select analytical insights to empower your fundraising team.

Predictive Analytics for Annual Fund Giving

Any organization that relies on donations can benefit from predictive analytics. This video discusses strategies to target potential donors and how to understand who is likely to donate.

Predictive Analytics for Healthcare

Healthcare institutions around the globe are improving their overall capabilities and quality of care with the help of predictive analytics. Learn how to analyze data to identify patient risks, avoid costs, and stay up-to-date with healthcare innovations.

St. Charles Health System: Improve Patient Care with Predictive Analytics

In this video, Dr. Michael Johnson, Data Scientist for Decision Support at St. Charles, shares how they created a path that allowed them to develop, implement, and verify the accuracy of several predictive models over a very short period of time.

Predictive Analytics Tools

Learn how the Veera platform offers easy and affordable solutions. In this tools section of the predictive analytics tutorial, get a better understanding of Veera Construct and Veera Predict.

Veera Construct Training Videos

Get started with Veera Construct in any one of these concise training videos. Learn how to connect to disparate data sources; blend, cleanse and prepare data for analysis; and output your work in the form of reports, write back to databases, or publish to a dashboard. Get a better understanding of data preparation for improved analysis.

Veera Predict Training Videos

Do you want to automate the building of a predictive model? Do you need full transparency and a complete understanding of the model-building process? Can you transform and filter your reporting? Learn how to work with predictive analytics in these short and informative videos on Veera Predict.

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