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Analysis: Enhanced

Don’t take a costly trial-and-error approach to business analysis. With the right tools, you can work more efficiently, develop stronger solutions, and make decisions grounded in reliable data.

Rapid Insight's data tools can help your organization reach its full potential.

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Too Much Disorganized Data, Too Little Time

As a business analyst, you’re a problem solver. Stakeholders look to you to deliver solutions for your organization.

You know there's a better way to integrate data into your work. But you need buy-in, resources, and business analytics tools to get the job done right.

And with time, budget, and team-size constraints, you need cost-effective, intuitive tools that offer hands-on, 1-to-1 analyst support.

Ebook: How to Integrate Data into your Business Analysis

That's why we created the Rapid Insight platform

Backed by our team of expert, in-house support anaylsts, we empower business analysts (with or without data training)
to accomplish better work in less time.

Support Team for Rapid Insight

Designed by a Business Analyst for Business Analysts

We developed our no-code business data analysis tools to meet your needs.

Our software equips you to break down siloed work environments, streamline data access, automate reporting, and answer the ever-evolving questions you're tasked with resolving.

Our tools are backed by live, one-to-one support from our experienced, in-office Data Analyst Support team. Call or email to reach real people who understand your needs.

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The tools: Rapid Insight's analysis tools empower you to:

  • Organize and cleanse data from any source (such as CRMs, databases, and files stored in any format) with Rapid Insight Construct’s user-friendly drag-and-drop data prep interface.

    “Rapid Insight has saved us countless hours in the three years we have been using it. Across the company, there has been so much time saving just from doing it within Construct, instead of having someone try and do it manually.”

    -Ross Borenstein, Systems Administrator and Analyst at TCI, LLC

  • Compile internal and external data sources in a centralized data repository, or perform ETL to enable stakeholders and end-users to pull reliable data for reports and self-service analysis.

    “Rapid Insight allows us to democratize data access through its ready and helpful interface. It enables anyone to use data to know if you’re succeeding at the things that you care about.”

    -Charles Ansell, Chief Operating Officer at Community College System of New Hampshire

  • Rapid Insight’s predictive modeling software makes it easy to generate a new predictive model for any business question, then refine that model by tweaking variables and measuring the impact of changes.

    “What used to be just art and anecdote is now almost uniformly accompanied by what data can provide in terms of informing our decisions. We can essentially use our resources more efficiently.”

    -Rich Horne, Director of Prospect Development at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

  • With a single click, build and fine-tune an unlimited number of predictive models in Rapid Insight’s Predict to gauge the impact of your proposed solutions before presenting ideas to stakeholders.

    “If I add up all of my technology fees for Rapid Insight, which is not very much, it literally only takes a few days for me to recoup that entire investment.”

    -Dr. Loralyn Taylor, Director of Institutional Research at Paul Smith’s College

  • Equip stakeholders with the information they need using easily-generated ad hoc reports, scheduled report delivery, or custom dashboards suited to individual needs.

    “A huge benefit is that across campus, whether it’s a hospital campus or any kind of business, once people realize that this is an option that can be done accurately and quickly, word spreads like wildfire.”

    Dr. Michael Johnson, Decision Support Data Scientist at St. Charles Health System

  • Our trained and experienced data analyst support team is on call with free, unlimited support for all of your data projects.

    “Aside from being one of the most powerful data tools on the market, Rapid Insight is backed by an astounding team of professionals who understand the software and will jump through hoops to solve any puzzle thrown their way.”

    -Nick Myers, Director of Information Technology at E.L Hollingsworth

Customer Testimonial

"Aside from being one of the most powerful data tools on the market, Rapid Insight is backed by an astounding team of professionals who understand the software and will jump through hoops to solve any puzzle thrown your way."

Nick Myers, Director of Information Technology at E.L Hollingsworth

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