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Rapid Insight Data PrepSo much data,
so little time

You have data saved in different formats in varied locations, and it's difficult to make sense of it.

Collecting and organizing this data takes hours of copying and pasting from spreadsheets, databases, and text files, but it doesn't have to.

The right data prep solution
makes the process easy.

Data wrangling – collecting and organizing data saved in different formats
Data cleaning, blending, and data transformation

Your Data Prep Solution

With Rapid Insight's Construct, data prep has never been faster, easier, or more enjoyable.

• Organize and collate data stored in virtually any format

• Blend, Cleanse, and Transform data with drag and drop nodes

• Create reports to dive deep into your data and share insights

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First step to successful data wrangling is organizing your data and collecting it all in one place

Data Wrangling Made Easy

The first step to successful data prep is organizing your data and collecting it in one place.

• Easily compile all of your data into a single document, whether the source data is stored in text documents, databases, spreadsheets, information systems, or a combination of differing formats

• Drag-and-drop new data sources into an existing process to quickly add new data as needed

• Rapid Insight treats data sources as "read-only", meaning the source data is preserved and never altered by Construct's processes

Data organization means cleansing, blending, and structuring your data

Intuitive Data Organization

Next, cleansing, blending, and structuring your data will ensure you're working with accurate information.

• Use nodes named for their functions to create easy-to-follow, intuitive data "jobs" to fill in null values, filter and sort, remove duplicates, and more

• Processes are replicable; if you need to follow the same process with a different set of data, just drop the new data into your existing process

• No coding or programming is required, though several nodes allow advanced users to take Construct's functionality to the next level

Drill down on your data – data wrangling tools to create clean, organized data, charts, graphs, and spreadsheets

Drill Down on Your Data

With clean, organized data, create charts, graphs, and spreadsheets to share relevant information and make informed decisions.

• Output your data in a wide variety of formats for easy sharing, from spreadsheets to databases tables to data-sharing platforms like Tableau or Bridge

• Explore your data by creating dashboards and reports right in Construct

• Construct add-ons enable further functionality, such as automated scheduling or server-based collaboration

welcome to The Rapid Insight Platform

With Rapid Insight, professionals in every industry organize data,
build predictive models, and share insights with their teams.

Customer Testimonial

"If I add up all of my technology fees for Rapid Insight, which is not very much, it literally only takes a few days for me to recoup that entire investment.”

Dr. Loralyn Taylor, Director of Institutional Research at Paul Smith's College
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get answers now Frequently Asked Questions

  • No! Our easy drag-and-drop interface makes it possible for users of any skill level to use Construct for data prep. Users who wish to use scripts and code are able to take Construct a step further, but no coding is required!

  • Our highly-trained data analysts are on call during regular business hours to help with your data needs! If you get stuck or need additional training, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll step in with free, unlimited training and support that comes along with your license.

  • Construct allows you to output data to local or network drives in a wide variety of formats, other systems and databases, and some cloud locations.

  • Because Construct is installed on-premises, Rapid Insight never receives institutional data from the customer. All customer datasets are stored locally, not on a Rapid Insight server.

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