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Make everyone a
data scientist

Businesses across virtually every industry are gathering more and more data — data that contains endless insights for strategic decision-making.

As data demands grow, teams need an analytics solution designed to enable anyone to prepare data, build strong predictive models, and share reports fast and efficiently. Rapid Insight can help.

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Teams need data science tools to prepare data and build predictive models
Data science software to help you combine, prepare, and explore data

Combine, Prepare
and Explore Data

Analysts of any skill level can quickly learn the tools Rapid Insight’s data prep solution, Construct.

• Integrate data in any format from virtually any source, including Excel, Access, SQL, SAS, SPSS, MySQL, and more

• Build processes in Construct’s intuitive, enjoyable drag-and-drop workspace

• Output clean datasets and create dashboard and reports with several visualization options

Data science software and tools to help you see the future in your data

See the Future In Your Data

Dig deeper into your data and generate powerful, transparent and reliable predictive models using Rapid Insight’s Predict.

• With one click, automatically mine your data, identify predictive variables, and build the strongest models possible

• Explore correlations among variables, form dynamic groupings, and perform means, frequency or profiling analyses

• Maintain a lens onto the entire model-building process, so you can always understand and defend your results

Our cloud-based data science tools help you visualize and explore clean datasets

Power Teamwide
Data Exploration

We believe that anyone should be able to visualize and explore clean datasets. Rapid Insight’s cloud-based solution, Bridge, enables entire teams to engage with data.

• An intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you produce countless interactive cross-tab reports

• Easily generate graphs, charts and reports to identify patterns in your data

• Full integrated with Construct and Predict for sharing datasets, detailed reports and dashboards

welcome to The Rapid Insight Platform

Harness the power of data to refocus your strategy towards organizational growth.

Customer Testimonial

“The Rapid Insight platform expanded my ability to say yes to projects—and even gave me the confidence to be proactive and take on new responsibilities.”

Matt Rehbein, Director of Institutional Research at Lipscomb University

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