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Rapid Insight for HealthcareBetter healthcare
through data analytics

Your healthcare organization generates reams of data trying to deliver the best possible care to every patient.

Amid the complexity of everyday operations, how can you find the time to leverage your data to make sure your treatments and initiatives are working?

Our data solutions can help.

Healthcare data analytics helps your organization understand the reams of data
Healthcare analytics means a more efficient, effective organization

Improved outcomes, reduced costs, and safer operations

Analytics means a more efficient, effective healthcare organization.

• Personalize care and achieve better patient outcomes

• Streamline data access to optimize operations for cost savings

• Identify patterns that lead to safety issues and intervene to prevent problems

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welcome to The Rapid Insight Platform

With Rapid Insight, healthcare professionals use the power of data
and predictive analytics to drive strategic decision making.

our clients Our clients in healthcare include:

  • Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Logo
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Logo
  • Formation Healthcare Logo
  • NH DHHS Logo
  • St Charles Health System

Customer Testimonial

A huge benefit is that across campus, whether it’s a hospital campus or any kind of business, once people realize that this is an option that can be done accurately and quickly, word spreads like wildfire. All of a sudden, you will get calls from somebody, who saw that you answered someone else’s question, asking you for help. They would have never thought to ask if you had had an outside consultant come in to fix your problem. Usually an outside source is a one-time deal. Now that you do have that in-house expertise, people want to leverage it, and that’s what’s really cool.

Dr. Michael Johnson
Decision Support Data Scientist
St. Charles Health System

get answers now Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rapid Insight enables you to predict likely outcomes and measure actual outcomes in all areas of your healthcare operation, including but not limited to:

    • Patient treatment outcomes
    • Effectiveness of safety measures
    • Staffing needs for particular shifts
    • Cost savings of implementing specific measures
    • Partner performance evaluation
    • Risk assessment and management

  • Free, unlimited training and support by phone, email, or live online chat is included with every license.

  • Yes, each of our products (Construct for data prep, Predict for predictive modeling, and Bridge for cloud-based visualizations and dashboards) has a reporting feature. Construct can automate reports to be delivered on a regular basis, and Bridge allows any user with access to view live-updated data dashboards from any device.

  • With Construct (for data prep) and Predict (for predictive modeling), all data is stored on your on-site servers, not on a Rapid Insight server, and it does not alter the source data. With Bridge, data is shared over the Cloud and is accessible by anyone with a login.

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