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Rapid Insight for IRInstitutional Research: The Cornerstone of a Data-Informed Campus

As an IR professional, you have a deep understanding of the value of data, but does the rest of your University?

IR needs a seat at the table, a voice in the conversation, and the data tools to move beyond reporting.

Our data solutions help you quickly and thoroughly make your case, which can revolutionize your impact on campus.

Institutional Research Data Presentation
Construct Users

Fast, Powerful Data Prep and Reporting

Use Construct to easily and efficiently combine, prep, and explore data.

• Collate data from multiple sources, including your SIS, LMS, and every other file or database at your institution

• Generate ad hoc reports for analysis with saved processes, or automate reports for regular delivery to stakeholders

• Aggregate, cleanse, and transform data to uncover insights in institutional trends

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Predict In Use

Predictive Modeling for Every Application

Use Predict for powerful, code-free, automated predictive modeling of any institutional outcome.

• Easily build predictive models incorporating as many variables as required

• Investigate the model's algorithm directly - Predict is fully transparent, with no "black box"

• Forecast trends in enrollment, retention, curriculum, staffing, financial aid, and any other application - there is no limit to the number of models you can build

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Bridge on a Tablet

Campus-wide Reporting to Create a Data-Informed Culture

Use Bridge to share insights across your entire campus and demonstrate the true value of IR.

• Free up your department for deep data investigations by moving away from ad hoc reporting to easily-viewed, campus-wide self-service reports

• Share data over the Cloud and grant stakeholders access to their own custom dashboard that updates automatically, accessible from any device with an internet browser

• Get fast, easy access to the data you need for IPEDS and other standard campus reports

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welcome to The Rapid Insight Platform

With Rapid Insight, IR professionals use the power of data
and predictive analytics to drive strategic decision making at their universities.


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Enter a few of your institution's metrics to see how a change in first-year student retention might impact the revenue you derive from tuition.

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Customer Testimonial

The Rapid Insight platform expanded my ability to say yes to projects—and even gave me the confidence to be proactive and take on new responsibilities... Rapid Insight has been a game-changer for the IR department at Lipscomb University.

Matt Rehbein
Director of Institutional Research

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