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Rapid Insight for Higher EducationAnalytics for
higher ed professionals

Universities manage vast amounts of data each year. Academic performance, student engagement, admissions, and financial aid: this data is incredibly valuable. How is your University putting it to use?

With a comprehensive data analytics platform, take your higher education initiatives further than ever.

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Admissions and Enrollment

As the admissions landscape continues to change and grow ever more competitive, Rapid Insight can keep you a step ahead.

• Shape your incoming class and prioritize recruitment to meet KPI's

• Tailor admissions outreach to make sure staff hours have maximum impact

• Rank and prioritize search names and inquiries

WHITEPAPER: Predictive Analytics in Higher Ed

Institutional Research

IR Departments are often flooded with requests for reports and data. Rapid Insight streamlines your work and improves efficiency.

• Pull from multiple campus data sources, then easily clean the data

• Create ad-hoc reports and schedule reports to be distributed regularly

• Custom dashboards show stakeholders up-to-the minute information

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Student Success and Retention

Developing proven strategies for student success, retention, and growth is a major challenge. We offer the tools you need.

• Forecast retention rate, then take targeted, informed action

• Monitor trends for red flags and indicators of likelihood for failure or transfer

• Blend rich, varied data for a complete understanding of student success

Ebook: Student Success - First Year Retention Modeling

welcome to The Rapid Insight Platform

Harness the power of data to refocus your strategy towards growth and student success.

Rapid Insight QuickStarts

Make an immediate impact on student success and enrollment.

Created by Rapid Insight's expert analysts, QuickStart templates connect with your Student Information System to automatically compile and prepare your data for use in specific models, such as:

• Student enrollment forecasts

• Student retention predictions

• Competitive enrollment analysis

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get answers now Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, Rapid Insight integrates with Student Information Systems, including but not limited to:

    • Banner
    • Colleague (ODS, SQL)
    • PeopleSoft
    • Homegrown SQL
    • Homegrown MySQL
    • Salesforce
    • Slate
    • Jenzabar
    • CampusNexus
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  • Common use cases in higher education include:

    • Retention
    • Student Success Initiative Measurement
    • Enrollment
    • Yield
    • Fundraising Campaign Response

  • A Rapid Insight Quickstart is a collection of Construct data prep jobs designed to extract data from specific data sources (such as a university’s Student Information System) to assemble a dataset suitable for analysis and/or predictive modeling. The dataset looks to address a single question, such as Fall enrollment or year-over-year student retention. Quickstarts leverage Rapid Insight’s data knowledge and modeling expertise to arrive at a functional predictive model in just hours.

  • Our highly-trained data analysts are on call during regular business hours to help with your data needs! If you get stuck or need additional training, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll step in with free, unlimited training and support that comes along with your license.

our clients Our trusted higher ed partners include:

Customer Testimonial

"We had one of the highest jumps in the freshman class that we have seen in a long time. No one expected it, yet Rapid Insight predicted it."

Johnny Lail, Operations Research Analyst at Western Carolina University

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