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Rapid Insight Predictive AnalyticsThe power of predictive modeling

You have no shortage of data, and you know it contains insights about organizational strategy — but how do you access that information?

Predictive analysis is emerging as a key intelligence tool in virtually every industry, enabling you to leverage data to create reliable forecasts about business performance.

Predictive modeling and analysis is emerging as a key intelligence tool
Predictive Analytics Meeting

See the future in your data

Data is a record of what happened, of the past. Living inside the data are trends, and predictive modeling is the best way to use that information to anticipate how trends will continue going forward.

With the right predictive analytics software, you can:

• Pick from lists of automatically identified variables — no coding or programming required

• Onboard and start creating models with less than two hours of training

• Access in-product help to guide you through the process

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Automated Predictive Analytics

Automate predictive modeling

When it comes building a predictive model, it’s not always easy to know which data make the strongest variables to consider.

A solution that simplifies and automates the model-building process, leading to solid insights, allows you to:

• Take a diagnostic snapshot of your data at any time, measuring quality and patterns among variables for better model-building

• Automatically mine your data, identifying variables with (and without) predictive qualities to build durable models

• Build a predictive model in just minutes instead of months

Predictive modeling ingredients and algorithm

Always know what a model is made of

Too many proprietary (“black box”) predictive modeling solutions, as well as third-party data consultants, don’t permit you to inspect and verify the inner workings of the model itself.

There’s a way to maintain a lens onto the model-building process, from variable ingredients to algorithm, and to ensure your results are defendable. With the right solution:

• Use drill-down features to see all methods and calculations used

• Directly examine the algorithm to see how each variable fits the model

• Modify and adjust the model as needed to suit your needs and produce actionable results

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With Rapid Insight, professionals in every industry organize data,
build predictive models, and share insights with their teams.

Customer Testimonial

“We went from the stone age to the space age within a matter of days with Rapid Insight.”

Matt Rehbein, Lipscomb University
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  • Data is stored locally, on your organization’s premises. Visualizations, reports, and dashboards are shared over the cloud.

  • Each user creates and saves their own reports, so each user sees the exact information they need to see in the format they like to see it, refreshed as often as they want.

  • It typically takes around 5 minutes to show a new user how to create reports. The user interface is extremely intuitive.

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