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Modeling Major Gift Likelihood: Translating Data Into Action at Swarthmore College

Part of our Women in Data Science Series

The analyst role thrives on data, but how can you ensure others are using the analysis in meaningful ways? In this on-demand video, Abigail Komlenic of Swarthmore College’s Advancement team will discuss how they translated their predictive model for major gift likelihood into descriptive, easy-to-interpret scores that not only intrigued colleagues but were also being used by gift officers before the project was fully rolled out.

Abigail’s presentation is followed by a brief demonstration of the Veera software suite by Rapid Insight Senior Analyst, James Cousins, on building a model predicting major gift giving likelihood.

Abigail Komlenic
Associate Director of
Advancement Analytics
Swarthmore College

James Cousins
Senior Statistical Analyst
Rapid Insight

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