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Target Donors. Meet Fundraising Goals. Achieve Your Non-Profit Mission.

Year-end fundraising is critical to your organization’s success. You need to find the right potential donors, meet your year-end campaign goals, and do it without wasting any of your resources. Predictive modeling is the key to using your time efficiently and increasing the accuracy of your prospecting efforts. Target donors who are motivated to make a gift, and do it quickly. It’s not magic. Our predictive modeling tools are fully transparent and easy to use.

In this on-demand video, we walk through the ways that predictive modeling lets you allocate your resources as effectively as possible to target donors and meet your year-end campaign goals. And last but not least, we show you how easily you can step into that process regardless of your technical background with our Veera platform.

Decentralize analytics.
Harness the power of many.

Create and share reports and datasets across the enterprise,
and put analytical power in the hands of everyone.
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