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The Secret to Creating Tableau Dashboards Faster

lily brennan
data analyst

Dashboarding has become a huge part of our daily lives—both at work and outside of the office. From checking the bank account online to getting in the car, dashboards provide that quick, high-level view of data we need to make everyday decisions—like, do I need to fill up the gas tank today?

Dashboards let us visualize data and explore the questions that matter most by drawing our attention to the important data. And a good dashboard is an environment where we can look past the complexity of datasets and gain insights through exploration.

Noel Young from CPA Global puts it like this: “Much like the dashboard in your vehicle, dashboards display real-time key metrics and performance indicators, guiding decisions and better navigating the surrounding landscape.”

Data visualizations are fast – but they take forever

Dashboarding and data visualization tools like Tableau are transforming the business landscape by making those benefits available at the click of a mouse. But behind the scenes of any great dashboard is clean and prepared data—a process that takes many people, including even the most experienced data scientists, more time than they would like to admit.

So, half their time on data prep, and half on dashboarding? More like 80% of their time on data prep.

But there’s no reason that data prep can’t be as fast and easy—and enjoyable!—as the work you do in Tableau.

There’s a better way to do data prep

Data preparation is the process of improving the quality of our data, to ensure accurate results and maintain credibility. Those of us who spend time with data spend the time we do because it is absolutely essential to our process—and time consuming, and repetitive, and sometimes tedious. But still, it must be done.

And now for the good news! Rapid Insight’s own Veera Construct is a solution that will transform the way you prepare data for your show-stopping Tableau dashboards.

Fast, easy, automated data prep through Veera Construct helps you achieve the same rigorous, fundamental standards of data cleanliness—but in far less time. Using a process-based approach to data prep, Veera Construct provides a visual and intuitive interface that is as flexible and powerful as coding.

And as if that weren’t enough, Veera Construct’s toolkit includes a node that allows for cleaned datasets to be outputted into Tableau.

As shown above, Veera Construct can output cleaned datasets directly into Tableau.

Save even more time on data prep the next time around

But wait, there’s more (in my best infomercial voiceover)!

Perhaps the best—and my personal favorite—part about using Veera Construct for your data preparation tasks is that, in the end, you’ve created a repeatable workflow that can be used again and again.

Apply your process to new datasets, allowing you to prepare each one without having to do the work every time.

So, not only do you have a built-out process to lean on, the visual workflow is shareable and lets others in your organization easily understand the process you took—from messy to clean data to jaw-dropping dashboard.

Here at Rapid Insight, we’re all about making data preparation faster and easier (and more fun, if you’re a data nerd like us). If you missed our recent webinar on building better Tableau dashboards with your data, make sure to check out the recording!

How to Build Better Tableau Dashboards
with your Data—Faster 

Discover a data prep solution that saves you lots of time, connects seamlessly to Tableau, enabling better dashboard building and stronger insights for your organization.