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Veera Deep Dive (Webinar Series)

This webinar series will be lead by our very own team of analysts and will be packed with useful information about the Veera platform. From hidden tricks to common area knowledge, there is always more to learn, so tune in!

Build Reports in Veera Construct

One of Veera Construct’s most significant advantages is the repeatability of the work you do. You can schedule your jobs to run, or manually update your output with the click of a button. On the other hand, one of the least enjoyable parts of reports is how much time it takes to compile and distribute them. So what if you build reports in Veera Construct? Boom – problem solved.

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Point in Time Reporting

Whether you are looking to report on student enrollment, sales, or patient readmissions most often we are comparing these figures to the same point in time in previous years. However, being able to accurately identify those points in time can be a struggle. In this on-demand video, we’ll walk through an example of how we can use Veera Construct to automate this process.

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Subroutines: Easier Than Hard-Coding

In this on-demand video, learn how Subroutines in Veera can streamline common tasks to save you time. With Subroutines, you have ready-made starting points for even more tasks and analyses.

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Veera Construct: Tips and Tricks

In this on-demand video, we share some of our favorite Veera Construct tips and tricks. Our support analysts each share their favorite shortcut or little-known trick that helps make their work easier and faster. Tune in to hear from our support analysts and learn something new.

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