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How to Use Data to Personalize Your Student Success Strategy

Webinar Title:
How to Use Data to Personalize
Your Student Success Strategy

Longwood University recently welcomed about 1,000 new students to campus, and their goal, like every other higher-ed institution, is to ensure these students are successful. Because it’s a relatively smaller class size, they’re able to rely on faculty and staff (as success coaches) to help keep students on the right path.

Still, students have many different reasons for deciding to leave the university. To help identify some of those pitfalls, Longwood turned to a reliable, plentiful resource: their data.

This webinar explores how Longwood:

  • Uses Rapid Insight’s Veera Platform to easily connect their disparate data systems to generate reports that their success coaches use to better identify at-risk students who need extra attention—and the kind of attention they need.
  • Implemented a data-integration process to bring together admissions info like test scores, high school GPA, campus visits, DFW course enrollments, among others, to create a flagging system that allows success coaches a highly personalized means of understanding a student’s status and offering support.

Sign up for this webinar to hear how Longwood has measured their effectiveness after one year of implementing this system for student success. Learn how they’re expanding the factors they consider, including course performance data, scheduling tendencies, deposit date information, and more.

Presented By:

Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green

Longwood University

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success

Emily Heady

Emily Heady

Longwood University

Senior Director for Student Success

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