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What “Democratization of Data” Means—and How Veera Bridge Is Doing It

tom haushalter
content marketing specialist

One year ago, we completed work on a bridge—a critical passageway between data analysis and the people in an organization who rely on actionable insights gained from that data.

For as long as we’ve been in the business of data preparation and breakthrough predictive modeling, we’ve known how important it is for these insights not to remain the sole domain of a handful of analysts in a single department. We decided it should be easier and faster—and more affordable—for our customers to share reports with relevant stakeholders in any corner of their business.

So we opened a bridge—namely, Veera Bridge, an interactive, cloud-based platform for enterprise-wide reporting and dashboard-building, which allows multiple users to access and manipulate reports to suit their needs, enabling better business intelligence and sounder decision-making.


We know there are many data-reporting and dashboarding solutions to choose from. But it’s possible that other solutions are more than what you’ll ever need, bogged down in features that you’re likely never to use. And for all those extra bells and whistles, you’ll pay for it, too.

Veera Bridge prides itself on being lightweight and easier to learn. And if you’re already a Veera platform user, you can seamlessly sync the work you’re doing in Construct and Predict. The cost of adding Veera Bridge to your suite of analytics tools makes it one of the most affordable of its kind.


Easy, affordable, and accessible. This is what we mean by the “democratization of data,” which resides at the core of our mission. And we’re thrilled by how quickly Veera Bridge has fostered the growth of data-driven cultures.

The Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) comprises seven colleges and hundreds of staff and faculty members, underscoring how important it is for a large network with a variety of challenges to have equal, immediate access to institutional data.

“Every company has things they want to improve,” says Charles Ansell, Chief Operating Officer of CCSNH. “Every company also has data that can drive decision-making. The key is to get everyone in on the action to try and solve problems.”

Read the case study that describes how Veera Bridge has made CCSNH’s student success initiatives more efficient and effective.

Or take Lipscomb University, a fast-growing institution focused on innovating its student success programs to boost retention and maintain its growth trajectory. The Veera platform offered a set of analytic tools to blend and prep data, easily build predictive models for student retention, and deliver those insights, using Veera Bridge, to stakeholders throughout the institution.

“The tool expanded my ability to say yes to projects—and even gave me the confidence to be proactive and take on new responsibilities,” said Matt Rehbein, Lipscomb’s Director of Institutional Research. “The Veera platform has been a game changer for the IR department at Lipscomb University.”


Help us help you tear down the silos around data analysis. Connect the islands of information in your business. With Veera Bridge, lay a path for every key decision-maker to investigate and collaborate on the intelligence that underpins your success—and do it faster and more affordably than ever.