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Rapid Insight: Business Analysis case study

Automating Legacy Processes at TCI, LLC using Rapid Insight’s Construct

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data driven culture at tci
  • Optimized the Sales Reporting Process

  • Gained Hours of Weekly Employee Productivity

  • Streamlined team-wide communication with automated email updates


TCI, LLC,  a manufacturer of power quality products for large industries, used Rapid Insight’s Construct to organize its operational data and automate several legacy processes for more efficient information delivery. 

Using Construct, TCI, LLC eliminated the need for departments to manually retrieve information and revolutionized information-sharing within the company. Simply put, Construct is the catalyst that has brought TCI into the modern age of data-enabled businesses.

Customer Testimonial

“Rapid Insight has saved us countless hours in the three years we have been using it. Across the company, there has been so much time saving just from doing it within Construct, instead of having someone try and do it manually.”

Ross Borenstein, Systems Administrator and Analyst, TCI, LLC

The Challenge

TCI Systems Administrator and Analyst Ross Borenstein sought a way to streamline the flow of information to all parts of the company. Borenstein knew improvements could be made to sales reporting, shop room workstation assignments, and manufacturing metrics, but TCI’s data-packed Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) system posed challenges to efficient data access and reporting. That’s where Construct (Rapid Insight’s data wrangling, cleansing, and reporting tool) entered the picture.

Customer Testimonial

Once I saw what Construct could do, I really ran with it,” shared Borenstein. “We were in the process of moving certain reports out of our ERP system and combining them with other Excel or SQL inputs. It was perfect timing to start using Construct to simplify data sharing.”

The Solution

Optimized Sales Reporting

In the past, TCI’s marketing department spent hours every week creating the same reports within Epicor. Now, Borenstein can easily prepare the data, then automatically generate, schedule, and share it each month within one Construct job.

To expedite booking and sales reporting, Borenstein connects Construct directly to their Epicor ERP database. Construct generates accurate reports and automatically distributes them to key stakeholders so that everyone from the President and CEO to Sales and Marketing can make better-informed decisions.

Streamlined Shop Room Scheduling and Workstation Assignments

Scheduling on the shop room floor used to be a cumbersome process. Workers had to wait in line at the supervisor’s desk for a verbal workstation assignment, go back to their lockers to retrieve their things, then head to their work area.

Borenstein developed a new process. Each morning, he receives three spreadsheets from each supervisor that include names and assigned workstations. In Construct, he filters, merges and outputs the data to a SQL database and pushes information to displays on the shop floor. Employees punch-in, immediately check the overhead display, and head straight to their assigned workstation. 

This new arrangement has saved “two minutes per person, per shift, per day,” according to TCI’s manufacturing manager. With a large number of employees on the shop floor on any given day, TCI gains hours of productivity each week.

Improved Communication for Parts Production

TCI’s engineers work hard to stay up to date on the shipment and condition of parts produced by the plant, but internal communication among the engineers traditionally consisted of manual emails.

Now, Borenstein takes advantage of Construct’s email feature to schedule and send messages regarding new parts. Borenstein created a Construct job that checks product data for certain characteristics, then automatically send updates when new parts ship. This keeps engineers in the loop whenever a new part is deployed.

Additionally, emails regarding the shipment need to go out to the shop floor, customer service, and the tech support team. TCI’s legacy ERP system did not handle this task well, so Borenstein built another job in Construct. All of TCI’s stakeholders now get automated updates about the performance, location, and condition of new parts.

Efficient Online Catalog Updates

Construct even keeps TCI’s online marketing catalog up to date. The marketing team now receives data in the right format for uploading directly to the website.  The “Catalog Part Job” that Borenstein built in Construct extracts data directly from their ERP system and creates a new SQL database that is best formatted for their site.

Looking to the Future

As he looks to the future, Borenstein plans to use Construct to help others in the company get the data they need. Every week he gets a new request for a job or a report.

“A lot of these projects were the ideas of other people in the company. I’ve just been able to bring them to life with Construct. Before, we really couldn’t do that,” expressed Borenstein. “I don’t know how we would do all of this any other way.”

Construct’s adaptability to meet an organization’s needs is one of its key features, and Borenstein has made full use of it.

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