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Rapid Insight: Higher Education case study

Driving a Better User Experience with Rapid Insight’s Automated Reporting and Tableau

Construct and Tableau

As a Data Scientist in the Office of Analytics and Institutional Effectiveness at Saint Leo University, Daniel Duerr influences a great deal of major decision-making. Working with information from campuses all over the country, he requires an easy and efficient data preparation process for his Tableau visualizations. Like any data scientist, Duerr needs an efficient and intuitive data preparation tool. Dan chooses Construct from Rapid Insight as the best means for supplying key stakeholders with critical information.

Bringing multiple disparate data sources together continues to be one of Duerr’s challenges. The information he works with is stored in various sources, including SalesForce, Colleague by Ellucian (pulling from a SQL server), text files, SPSS files, and multiple other formats coming from a legacy system.

According to Daniel, the information is “all over the place right now,” a common obstacle for any organization. Duerr pulls those different sources together and merges them effortlessly with Construct.

“Using other tools for the job is a more painful process,” shared Duerr. “With Construct, it’s much easier. One of the things that I personally like, is keeping the data manipulation in one place, it makes it less likely to make errors and easier to track them down when they do happen.”

On top of bringing data into one place for manipulation, Duerr also prepares his Tableau visualization data with Construct. For example, senior exit survey records at SLU are not initially compatible with Tableau. Construct, renames, reshapes and transforms this data directly into Tableau TDE files.  A number of dashboards use this data driven by Construct at the Office of Predict and Institutional Effectiveness. To increase performance and to drive a faster user experience, the department employs the automation feature in Construct to pre-process the data frequently before loading it into the dashboards.

“It’s easier to do the calculations on the Construct side than it is to do them on the fly in a Tableau dashboard. If you ask Tableau to perform too many calculations or manipulations, it will slow it down considerably,” shared Duerr. “It’s so much quicker to use Construct before loading the data into Tableau.”

Construct provides Duerr the efficiency he needs to supply key stakeholders with a better user experience for more informed decisions. Enhance your Tableau experience with self-service data prep with built-in Tableau Hyper integration and download a free trial of Construct today.

Self-Service Data Prep with Built-In Tableau Hyper Integration

If you’ve invested in a visual analytics tool, its simple: You need Construct. Visual analytics tools such as Tableau and Qlik are powerful, but only as good as the data they utilize. Since data preparation can eat up as much as three quarters of an analyst’s time, Construct can be a game-changer.